Buried At Sea: Pilot

pirate ship

Buried At Sea: Pilot Episode

Torrinda walks around the eerily quiet decks, looking for any sign of the crew.  “Hello?” He calls out. “Is there anyone out there?” He opens up a barrel of empty rum and searches inside.  “Huff? Cap’n, you in there?” He replaces the wooden lid and shakes his head. “Did they go on a party without me?  The thought makes him frown, but he continues to search and goes below decks.

He enters the bottom of the stairwell of the first floor, glancing to the left and right.  The hairs begin to stand on the back of his neck, the odd feeling surrounding the area growing thick.  “Seriously guys… This isn’t funny…” Read More →

Buried At Sea: Curiosity Killed The Cat

Episode 2

Torrinda is busy at work repainting the captain’s quarters, the once pink walls nearly changed to a battleship/gun metal gray.  As he diligently works the roller on the walls, he can’t get over the last nights events. They still play in his head, the outcome giving him shivers as the final warning replays over and over.  As he dips the roller in the paint tray, a certain passerby notices the change in color.

“GUN METAL GRAY!?”  Huffette groans seeing the color changing in the captain’s walls.  

“Bleh! Don’t you know that the new colors of this year ARE green and pink…?!  No, really! Like mommie dearest would say, ‘Some people only have taste in their mouths…'”  She shakes her head and leans in closer to inspect the color. “Ughhh… You missed a spot.” She walks away, the half painted cabin making her frown, almost pouting.  She sighs knowing that all the hard work she went through from the previous party has now gone in a wash of gray.  She doesn’t want to view the sight any longer and begins to walk away.

“Huff…”  Torr begins to ask. Read More →

Buried At Sea: Of Like Body And Mind

Episode 3

Torrinda wakes, once again, drenched in sweat.  He rolls over to a sitting position on his hammock.  “How many?” He asks himself, rubbing his face with his hands.  “How many nightmares is that now?” Drained and tired, his sleep – or lack thereof – has been filled with just that.  Every time he closes his eyes he is greeted with gruesome scenes of his crewmates’ demise by an unseen assailant. With dark circles and bags forming under his eyes, he looks up to the ceiling of his cabin, all of this getting to him.

“Damn you!”  He yells. “Damn you and your soul stone…”  He sighs and lays back down. Maybe, just maybe, this time won’t be filled with a nightmare…
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Buried At Sea: Secrets

Episode 4

Phoenix Rising comes into port, the dock workers scurrying to and fro to tie off the vessel.  With the crazy night behind them all, they have earned a little R&R. The workers continue well into the night, the supplies restocked, the minor repairs finished, and the crew begins to make their way back aboard.  One pair in particular hashing things out in the captain’s quarters.

Alex and the captain are sitting down in the captain’s plush chairs, each having an untouched bottle of rum before them.  A long silence is shared between them before Alex finally breaks it.

“You didn’t tell them everything…”

Pirate looks at his most trusted crew member and nods accordingly.  “Aye, tis true…”

Alex finally grabs the bottle sitting on the captain’s desk, but instead of drinking it, he swirls the container, the liquid ‘whirlpooling’. Read More →

Buried At Sea: Friend or Foe

Episode 5

The sun had just crested the horizon, the smell of the sea thick in the air, the pleasant aromas from the port still lingering about.  On the docks, where the ship has been anchored, it is already alive with activity as the new passengers are making their way up the loading platform, the many notched planks reaching up to the main deck where they are greeted, with a gruff and grunt, by the veteran shipmates who are not thrilled with the new ‘batch’ coming aboard.  They file on, one by one, to stand by another group of the crew who are awaiting the captain’s presence. More than one of them eyeing the weapons and stern looks up the battle hardened crew.

If they only knew the half of it.

Standing there amidst the squalls of flying seagulls, the captain’s door finally opens bringing everyone to attention.  The salty dog makes his way over, looking each one of them up and down, sizing them up, one by one. Read More →