Buried At Sea: Curiosity Killed The Cat

Episode 2

Torrinda is busy at work repainting the captain’s quarters, the once pink walls nearly changed to a battleship/gun metal gray.  As he diligently works the roller on the walls, he can’t get over the last nights events. They still play in his head, the outcome giving him shivers as the final warning replays over and over.  As he dips the roller in the paint tray, a certain passerby notices the change in color.

“GUN METAL GRAY!?”  Huffette groans seeing the color changing in the captain’s walls.  

“Bleh! Don’t you know that the new colors of this year ARE green and pink…?!  No, really! Like mommie dearest would say, ‘Some people only have taste in their mouths…'”  She shakes her head and leans in closer to inspect the color. “Ughhh… You missed a spot.” She walks away, the half painted cabin making her frown, almost pouting.  She sighs knowing that all the hard work she went through from the previous party has now gone in a wash of gray.  She doesn’t want to view the sight any longer and begins to walk away.

“Huff…”  Torr begins to ask. “Have you seen cap’n’s treasure trove?”  He tries to be coy, not wanting to ask about the jewel just yet.  “I hear he has many trinkets and ‘toys’. I heard about a purple jewel in particular.  Do you know where he got it from?”

Huff thinks it over for a few seconds, transferring her clipboard to her other arm.  “You know, I have wanted to add that jewel to my princess tiara when I become queen of the seven seas…”

Torr looks at her, unsure if she is joking or if she is serious.  “Were you there when he obtained it?”

“No.”  She answers.  “I saw it hanging around the captain’s stuffed monkey’s neck once…”  She frowns suddenly. “He loved IFLINGPOO… his story…” Her voice begins to break apart.  “…So tragic…” She shakes her head, coming out of the memory. “Anyway, when I went back for it later to ‘ask’ about it… It was gone!  I did ask Ranger Alex about it, but he wasn’t much help. Very tight lipped, hush hush about it. The only thing he did tell me was not to touch it.”  She looks down from the ceiling to Torr’s crouched form. “Why are YOU so interested in it?”

“What?”  He tries to look confused.  He quickly tries to change the subject, not wanting to raise suspicion.  “No, I’m just wondering…” He returns to painting the walls once more. “There is no reason.  He doesn’t speak of his adventures at sea very much… So, anyway, what’s new, Huff? Any new parties I should know about?”

“I’ll swallow your soul…”

“What!?”  Torr asks, looking up at her from the paint can, the motion almost making him spill the can all over the wood floor.  Fearful and worried he asks, “What did you say?”

“I said; Same ol, same ol…”

“Oh…  Heh.. Yeah.”  Torr breathes a sigh of relief and goes back to painting as she leaves the cabin…


*          *          *          *          *


He waits for the dead of night and tiptoes back into the captain’s quarters, the small candle dripping hot wax onto his hand. “Squids! …”  The captain bellows as he rolls over in his bed, dreaming of his rum being drank by the crew.  “Damn boots… They’ll…” He rolls over again, his arm falling off to hang loosely by the bed. “Walk the plank…”  He mumbles and grunts. “Mmmm… Sleep with me sharks…”

Torr takes a step closer, the floorboards creaking loudly.  With the sound he closes his eyes, hoping that the ‘sleeping giant’ is still sleeping.  With one eye open, the other still tightly closed, he turns back towards the captain. He opens his other eye seeing that the captain is now wide awake.

“What in the bloody hell are ya doin’ in me cabin, son?”  The captain asks, disappointed that his sleep has been interrupted.  With a sleepy eye watching his every move, the captain looks Torr up and down.

“Oh… Uh..  Reporting! Yes, I …was reporting to you like you wanted me to.”  He quickly salutes. “Everything is in order, sir. No planning of parties, or painting of your cabin, sir…  If I may, since you have sailed the vast seas, tell me some of your favorite booty plundering fables?”

That brings a grin to the captain, his mind rolling back the memories, like a wave in the sea.  “One time I sailed to Singapore. I was havin’ some rum with three lasses. On me right arm was a red head with a body, the BIGGEST coconuts,”  His hands motion towards his chest. “you could ever find! Hips to match. On me left arm was a brunette who could do the most evil things with her tongue!”  The captain roars with laughter as he remembers it as if it was yesterday. “…But the third one, boy. Oh yes! She came right up and grabbed a hold of Petey by the throat and wouldn’t let em go!  Bwah ha ha ha! Yo-ho! True story!”

“No!”  Torr states.  “That is not what I meant.  You know, something else?”

“Oh, right.”  Captain clears his throat.  “Ah yes. There I was, stranded on a deserted island.  I had almost given up hope when these two mermaids came out of the water..”  Torr, hanging onto the words of the story, leans in closer in hopes this is the story of how Shimmergloom was found.  “They were naked from the navel up!”

“No.  No, no, no, no!”  Torr sighs, not expecting anything less from the captain.  “Not THAT kind of booty… You know… Trinkets, treasure…  Jewels?”

“Ok, ok there.”  The captain, his sudden change of mood present as he leans closer.  “Time to close me treasure chest” Torr, sifting through the contents, smiles sheepishly.  “of goodies. Put down me baubles and take that diamond out of your britches, Mr.. If you wanna live.”  Torr chuckles and replaces the nearly perfect cut diamond back into the chest. “Now, didn’t I tell ya you had mid watch on those scurvy wenches?  No rum. No parties… And STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME CABIN!”

“Too true…  Thanks for the ‘stories’, cap’n.”  He leaves the quarters and makes his way back to the main decks, grabs a crate and sits down upon it.  He puts his head in his hands and wonders how he can pull this off. One full day has now passed and he can feel the mounting pressure on his shoulders.  He looks out to the horizon as a multi-colored parrot flies over and perches onto the corner of the box.

“I don’t know what to do.  What do you think?” He laughs as he is talking to a parrot, expecting it to talk back.  “As if you can understand me…”

“SQUAWK!  He’ll swallow yer soul, he’ll swallow yer soul!  Two days left, TWO DAYS LEFT! SQUAWK!


*          *          *          *          *


…On the other side of the deck, through a hole in an empty barrel, Tarnaa watches Torr with a peculiar interest.  She paid him no mind when she saw him act strange with Huff, but this, and the weird actions of that parrot, doesn’t sit well with her warrior instincts.  Every red flag goes off inside her mind and with white knuckles gripping the barrel, she leans back and stands up right, a concerned look upon her stern face.

“What have you gotten yourself into…  Or worse… All of us into…?”

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